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A major superhero and a member of the Justice League.


Batman is one of the main characters in the series and appears in at least three-quarters of the episodes.


He is tall and is one of the heavily built superheroes (along with Superman and Hawkman). His costume is like the traditional one and is a medium gray with a black bat symbol across the chest but this version does not have the dark 'briefs'. A dark blue cowl goes over his head with the eyes shown as a featureless white, and adjoined is a large dark blue cape that goes around the shoulders and, when Batman is standing upright, this hangs down to the ankles and can wrap all the way around his body. At his waist is the Utility Belt which, rather than being the traditional yellow, is a more camouflaged gray.



In personality he is stern and humorless and demands dedication from other League members. In response to his confident, authoritative manner, the other members tend to defer to him as though he is the leader, although we are never told this. This may also be because he is the oldest member but it is not clear how old he is (Deadshot calls him "old man") and when we see an earlier version of him it seems to be many years in the past which would suggest that he is currently middle-aged, although his athleticism suggests he is younger. He speaks with his usual, exceptionally deep voice. Both Mister Freeze and Calculator honor him by calling him the "Dark Knight", but Toyman prefers the variant "Dork Knight".


Batman has no super powers but makes up for it with a first-class mind, exceptional agility and combat skills, and a use of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles. He is an excellent detective and is able to use the tech in the Watchtower to locate villains and other threats. Using scientific instruments, he can develop potions to neutralize villains' powers or analyze alien objects. His speed and agility are almost superhuman, and he can survive a pummeling from even super-powered opponents.


In combat, Batman makes use of three different types of weapons that he carries in his utility belt: 'Batarangs', bombs, and bolas. The first two can either cause explosions, give electrocuting shocks, or generate smoke, and sometimes have a light in them to show that they are primed.


The Batarang can behave like a boomerang but usually spins directly towards its target like a shuriken and can embed its sharp edges in an object. Bolas can also explode but more normally are twirled around before being thrown at an opponent to entangle their body or legs.


A more unusual weapon is a krytonite ring that he carries in his belt in case he has a need to punch Superman with it.

Batman can also make use of his rope in combat but usually needs a Batarang or bolas attached to the thrown end in order to encircle the body or limbs of a foe. He also needs to use a rope to scale buildings, and this is achieved by using a "grappling gun" that shoots, accompanied by an electrical discharge, a grappling hook.


The rope uncoils from inside the gun handle and the arms of the hook then deploy outwards to grip the building. The rope is then reeled in, hauling Batman upwards. This device can also be used to grab a small, distant object before reeling it in with the hook arms swung forwards in a pinch.

Batman wears strong gauntlets that are used to deflect the blows of weapons in close combat and which can extend sharp claws to grip into and tear open the metal skin of an aircraft.


To travel locally, he can make use of the Batmobile which has its own range of gadgets, and to go faster and further he has the Batplane which is fully armed and can operate from the Watchtower. In two of the short episodes, we see the Batcycle in use. It is also armed and can shoot missiles, Batarangs and fireballs rearwards in defense.


He also drives the Justice Three tank that is dropped to the ground from Justice One.

Relationships and residences[]

We only rarely see Batman in his secret identity of businessman Bruce Wayne.


The 'Bat-Family' barely features in the series with Robin and Alfred only mentioned, Commissioner Gordon and Ace the Bat-Hound only seen in passing and Batgirl only known from series artwork. The Batcave is mentioned a number of times but we only see it jokingly used as a backdrop 'screen' in Toyman's mock video game.


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8. Galaxy Jest
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11. Play Date
13. Trick or Threat
14. Speed Demon
15. Hat Trick
16. Luthor in Paradise
17. Plastic Man Saves the World
19. Rage of the Red Lanterns
20. Freezer Burn
21. Inside Job
22. The Trouble with Truth
23. Double Cross
25. Garden of Evil
26. All Aboard the Space Train
27. Time Out
29. Mxy's Mix-Up
30. Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting
31. Booster's Gold (brief)
32. Booray for Bizarro
33. Best Day Ever
35. Superman's Pal, Sid Sharp
36. Superman Red vs. Superman Blue
37. The Ringer (cameo)
38. Forget Me Not
39. The Brain Buster
40. E. Nigma, Consulting Detective
42. Phased and Confused
43. It'll Take a Miracle!
44. System Error
45. Race Against Crime
46. Party Animal
47. Watchtower Tours
48. Barehanded (brief)
49. Captain Bamboozle
51. Unleashed
52. She Wore Red Velvet
Short 1. Up and Atom
Short 4. Good Cop, Bat Cop
Short 7. Quality Time
Short 8. Selfie Help (brief)
Short 10. Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!
Short 11. Toymano a Mano
Short 12. Mint Condition
Short 16. Something in the Hair (non-speaking)
Short 19. Skyjacked
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