Template:Episode"Barehanded" is the forty-eighth episode of the first season of Justice League Action. It is the overall forty-eighth episode of the series.


When Green Lantern leaves his ring in an intergalactic restroom after washing his hands, he discovers it's gone, leading him on a wild chase for the aliens Lobo and a Badajorian who might have taken it.


Later Cabbie gets a picture with Green Lantern, then takes off. Suddenly, the GPS said the passenger's voice sounded familiar, and reveals to Cabbie that she is A.I.

Appearing in "Barehanded"


Kevin Conroy - Batman

John DiMaggio - Lobo

Josh Keaton - Green Lantern

Patton Oswalt - Space Cabby

Grey Delisle - A.I. Navigation


Cultural References

  • The mysterious A.I. of Space Cabby's navigation is voiced by Grey DeLisle and is implied to be Aya from the Green Lantern animated series, even mentioning at the end of the episode that there was something familiar about Hal Jordan. Hearing this, the Space Cabbie driver shows doubt and says that was a strange thing for a navigational app to say so. She replies that she was no navigational app, rather she was a AI with no memory of her origin. Then again when the Cabbie Driver proposes to stick together and make a team, she refuses and says that she felt compelled to search for something or someone (possibly her lover Razer). She leaves the Cabbie taking the exact same circular form which she had when she was uploaded at the Interceptor of GL:TAS and finally says that the Green Lantern did not give up hope, so neither should she, which resembles the event where a Blue Lantern of Hope follows Razer in the finale of the GL:TAS when he departs in search for Aya. The writer of this episode, James Krieg, was a producer on GL:TAS.



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