A superhero, and member of the Justice League.


Atom appears as a short, young-looking man with dark eyes. His costume has the traditional blue-and-dark-red coloring but the patterning is different with a broad red chevron across the chest and red bands down the outsides of his legs. As a person, he is good-natured, unassuming, and devoted to his scientific work, but although he is initially hesitant to join the Justice League as a superhero he subsequently shows himself to be just as inclined to heroics as any other. The League tell him that they want him for his mind and ingenuity.

The main power of Atom is his ability to shrink down from his normal size and grow back again. This is achieved by touching a disk on the front of his belt and is accompanied by a brief, bright image of the atomic symbol.


At reduced size he still has enough weight to punch with force, but it is not clear whether he can vary his mass as he changes size. When shrunken down, Atom can do things like travel through a person's body to remove an infection, pass inside a power ring to investigate its workings, act as a computer virus inside an Apokolips-ian 'motherbox', or manually work the controls inside a disabled robot.

Atom is a scientist and develops what he calls his "White Dwarf tech" for reducing things in size and can apply this to people to shrink them too but has different ways of doing it. One is to give duplicates of the disk on his belt to others to allow them to shrink - but only for 30 minutes - and another is to simply hug an opponent to shrink them along with himself. To be able to reduce Superman in size, Atom has to make use of a chamber containing rays that are influenced by kryptonite. He can give advice to the Justice League about microscopic matters and can also propose plans - like restoring Kandor to its proper size.


21. Inside Job
24. Battle for the Bottled City
28. The Fatal Fare
37. The Ringer
Short 1.Up and Atom



  • The artists seem to have difficulty with Atom's complex color scheme as he sometimes has blue on the backs of his legs and sometimes red.


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