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A Greek goddess, and an ally of Wonder Woman and the Justice League.


Athena is one of the Olympian gods and is their Goddess of Wisdom and War. Wonder Woman maintains contact with these gods but we never see any others (only Zeus and Hera are mentioned). Athena is shown as a mature woman with long chestnut hair and wearing a white, ankle-length gown together with attachments like those of an Amazon. She is maternal, chatty, and sarcastic.

Initially, she travels as a storm cloud and appears as a towering image of a goddess, but once she shrinks down she becomes more normal and needs the support of the Justice League to transport and protect her. However, when a battle is looming, she transforms into the Goddess of War complete with helmet, armor, and bow.


She is accomplished in combat and can take out multiple foes with one lightning bolt from her bow.

Athena is always accompanied by her owl Bubo. Although the only sounds it makes are hoots, it can work technology and has enough problem-solving ability to outsmart Batman. When Athena becomes the Goddess of War, it transforms into her bow. Due to its lack of real feathers and the visible bolts, it is obvious that it must be metallic and mechanical.



22. The Trouble with Truth