A super android, and enemy of the Justice League.


Amazo is shown as being tall and very muscular with cropped, light brown hair, red eyes and pointed ears. His torso and upper arms are bare and he wears green-and-black leggings. He is well spoken but in an overly dramatic way like a ham actor, and his manner is condescending. Amazo tells us that his intention is to conquer the world which he will achieve by drawing the Justice League members into a trap to destroy them.

Initially he can fly, smash through the Watchtower's canopy, and survive a barrage of blows from the Flash. He introduces himself as an android who has been created by the late Professor Ivo in order to "duplicate the abilities of meta-humans". Amazo can do this if he gets close enough to his target and, when he does, his eyes flash briefly to indicate the duplication. By successively absorbing their powers one at a time, he can overcome an entire group of superheroes. Another ability he has is to steal the way of thinking of a foe and understand their thoughts by making use of his "perfect computer brain". This works with Batman too even though he has no powers to steal.

As a machine, Amazo reasons with precise logic and so is fatally undone when he absorbs the way of thinking of the irrational Bizarro which causes him to blow a circuit.


32. Booray for Bizarro




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