Abate and Switch is the fourth episode of Justice League Action. It is the fourth part of the one-hour season premiere.


The remaining djinn intend to carry out their plan, and the Justice League need to call on reinforcements to stop them particularly when Black Adam returns as well.


The three Brothers Djinn travel to the volcanic island created by Calythos intending to reopen the fissure there to return the Earth to its primordial state. The Justice League (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) pursue them but lose their super powers by a djinn spell. Batman signals for help and John Constantine appears from a travel portal and the superheroes escape through it to his dwelling, the House of Mystery.

They recover their powers and, joined by more League members (Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, and Plastic Man,) concoct a plan to disguise themselves as one another to fool the Djinn. As Batman goes for backup, they return to the island and capture the Djinn after a battle. However the latter have reopened the fissure, and now also Black Adam reappears from it, stronger than ever, and attacks and subdues the Justice League.

Batman, in the Batplane, now returns with Shazam, but the latter is unable to get the better of Black Adam who releases the Djinn. These transform into monstrous beasts that attack the League, but one after another they are made to fall through Constantines' portals. Finally the League combine together and, after a struggle, make Black Adam disappear into a portal too.

The Justice League, joined by Cyborg and Green Lantern, now build the globe-like Watchtower on top of the new volcano to replace the ruined Hall of Justice.

Appearing in "Abate and Switch"

Featured Characters



Sean Astin - Shazam, Billy Batson

Gary Cole - Black Adam

Kevin Conroy - Batman

Chris Diamantopoulos - Green Arrow, Nyorlath

Mark Hamill - Swamp Thing

Rachel Kimsey - Wonder Woman

Jason J. Lewis - Superman, Rath

Damian O'Hare - Constantine, Abnegazar

Dana Snyder - Plastic Man



  • The Justice League take refuge in Constantine's House of Mystery. In "Trick or Threat", the team discovers a House of Mystery run by Cain, which John is shown finding the key to at the end of the episode. It is unknown if this is the same House of Mystery, it could be supposing Trick or Threat takes place long before this episode.

Cultural References

  • Constantine sucking on a lollipop is likely a reference to a cigarette which he is known for smoking. He couldn't use a real cigarette due to restrictions on children's television.
  • In the comics, the House of Mystery was the hideout of Justice League Dark (a team of magic based heroes lead by Constantine).


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